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July 06, 2021 2 min read

Being a professional belt maker with 20 years of experience I have been asked by many over the years:

"what is the proper way for a belt to go on your body?

Does it go through the left or right side?

Does it matter if you are Left Handed or Right Handed?

Identify as Male or Female?

After a lot of time & dedication to answering this question I have come to this solid conclusion. 


It doesn't matter!

Left or right handed, Male or Female.

There is only one way to wear a leather belt and it is all about aesthetics. The belt buckle should be in line with your jean fly. A Belt should always be worn through the left loop first. 

For all you lefties reading this thinking "but I am left handed" welp best I can say is a belt is not the same as scissors, how we put on a belt is pure habit. 

If you have been wearing it the other way up till now it will take a while to get used to putting it on the other way but trust me you will get used to it quick ( I know this cause I used to too have it backwards for years) 

The question is why does it matter? To be honest it doesn't. The choice is yours! But if you want to be proper with how you wear a leather belt, its through the left side loop first.

It took me years to figure this out. The problem first came up after a customer commented that my logo was upside down when they put their belt on. With a "My Lifetime guarantee" leather belt these things matter a lot and so began my search for the answer to Which Way Do You Put A Belt On?

After extensive research, bugging friends, family and sometimes random people on the street I found a veteran who finally put the question to rest (you know those folks are specific when it comes to look). He also taught be a few other tricks but those are for another post 

Thanks fro watching & learning with me 

Yours in leather