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Are you ready to look inside the Solid Leather Workshop


Hello again, 

I love getting to meet my customers in person and since that isn't always possible here is the next best thing. Join me for a little tour of the Solid Leather workshop and see where your belt is made. 

I want to hear from you...

I love getting to hear what people think and about their personal experiences. It really fuels my passion. Like when I read this one from Myles:

"If I were dictator of this fine land I would outlaw all consumer products that were designed to break. This belt and business is a demonstration to all of how things should be. SOLID." – Myles C

It makes me proud to hear things like that and is one of the reason I am so dedicated to providing a Solid Leather belt for life.

So I want to say thank you – Thank you for your interest in Solid Leather.  Thank you for investing in legacy and thank you for taking the time to join me in the shop. 

and of course I want to hear from you to if you have any questions about your order or anything leather you can reach me personally at


Talk soon,


p.s here is another one that just warms my heart...

"What do you get for the father who has everything? A Solid Leather handmade belt, that’s what! I’m thrilled to gift this beautiful piece to the man who’s always had my back and helped me become the science loving, wise cracking, music adoring geek that I am. Jesse’s passion for his craft is evident and I know my dad will cherish this gift for a very long time to come. Thank you for creating something that lets him know he deserves something that’s as unique and tough as he is ❤️" –Meredith R