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July 05, 2021 2 min read



Hi, I'm Jesse (sometimes known as spatch)

I wanted to welcome you to the Solid Leather Community. 

Here is a video I made to say hello, let you know what Solid Leather means to me & give a little tour of where your belt is made.

You have found a diverse group 

Its the people that are proud to wear handmade and put value into those affects that are built with integrity. 

If you want to see how others are rocking Solid - behind the scenes belt building - and keep track of all the fun stuff going on in my life as well - it's easy to connect by following on Instagram or liking our Facebook page

Leather For Life... 

You’ve just invested in an exceptional piece of handcrafted leather that I guarantee will last a lifetime. Every Solid Leather belt is made by hand and customized to your specifications. If you have any questions about my lifetime guarantee you can find all the info here

I am a firm believer in creating a product that last and can be passed down for generations. There was a time where personal affects meant something and were a valued accessory to your wardrobe. With that comes my dedication to providing a quality belt... For life.

But I have to be honest... 

I am writing to do more than just say hi. I want you to know how happy I am that you have a Solid Leather belt. For me as a maker it brings me the greatest joy to know that someone out there is wearing something I made with my hands. It really is the greatest gift so with that I need to ask of you something....its a favour of sorts....

I want you wearing your belt and feeling like a boss in it so if there is anything I can do to guarantee you keep wearing it let me know. I am committed to this endeavour so much that even if you loose weight I will get you re-adjusted. The only thing I don't guarantee is loosing it or getting fat..Thats on you. Gotta eat my salads with a lifetime guarantee belt...

Built for Life – that’s our motto.

Consider it a response to the scourge of throwaway fashion culture these days. I believe in items that have legacy and that build up character over time. That’s great inspiration for the belts I create and for serving customers like you who appreciate those values, too. 


Handcrafted. For Life.