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The Every day leather belt

The go-to, day-in and day-out, got you covered belt for life. This full-width look combines strength, style, durability and minimal stretch with easy matching. Best dressed down for everyday wearing, but ready to punch up your look when life invites you for a well-groomed occasion.

What's your style?

Size Chart

Please Use Pant Size For Your New Solid Leather Belt

Determine proper pant size by using a pair of pants that fit well and could stay up without a belt. If unsure always, go with the bigger size. Like tailors, we can always remove material but can never add more. 

Be as specific as you can. Pant size 32 yet a 31 would fit a bit better. Put that.

Between two sizes? ex: Some pants are 36 some are 34?A 35 would be best here. 

Most Importantly 


We use pant size to create a perfect fit. If you use the size from another belt our belt will be too big.

If you are still unsure or have any questions please reach out