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October 16, 2023 3 min read

Warning the above video deals with mature subject matter

After all the best part of a good belt is taking it off...


When purchasing something that is built to last a little care & storage can go a long way to promoting the longevity of your leather and ensure years of solid use. 

The basics of leather care are Clean, Condition & Protect but since we are specifically talking about how to care for a leather belt we can skip the cleaning and protecting steps. It isn't exposed to the rigamarole footwear, bags & jackets can get. Well....not the same rigamarole per say...   

I have always seen leather care the same as skin care (they are both flesh after all) First clean with an appropriate cleaner, followed by a good moisturizer (leather conditioner), finally protection for future use with sunscreen 

Protection for leather can come in a variety of forms depending on the protection and outcome desired. Polishes for fancy shoes, oils for winter boots etc

Caring for a leather belt

Since your leather belt isn't exposed to salt like boots the main thing for care is going to be a good leather conditioner, after all leather is skin and can dry out. A little moisturizer will go a long way. I typically suggest once every 2-5  years. All Solid Leather belts are preconditioned so you are good to go out of the bag. Leather conditioner can be purchased at Canadian tire, a horse and tack shop or your local shoe store. The main thing to look for is a moisturizing conditioner not a sealant (waxes, balms etc) Tbh I have been known to use olive oil in a pinch, just be sure to check that whatever you get isn't going to change or dye the leather (a good place to test is beside the Solid Leather logo which will be under the belt tail when wearing) Colour change isn't much of a problem with a black leather belt but can affect lighter colours like our Casual Tan Leather Belt.  

Storage Of a Leather Belt 

Storing a leather belt is as simple as taking it out of your pants at night. Similar to a good pair of leather shoes over the course of a hard day sweat and moisture can get on the belt and when we leave it in pants over night the leather dries and will hold the shape it is left in over time. This is how you get the curves and folds in the back. Better than just taking it out of your pants is to hang it or roll it. 

Option 1 - Hang it: 

Yup its that simple hanging your leather belt at night will help it keep its form. This can be over a coat hanger, cloths rack or even just a nail in the wall. It's that simple!

Option 2 - Roll it: This is my personal favourite way of storing my leather belts. I was taught this trick by an old army guy. Not only will it help keep the lifetime of your belt but also is a great way to display and save space. 

Firstly feed the tail end of the belt through the buckle from the front, pulling it farther and farther through, next tight the wrap till it holds on its own (see video above for visual instructions) 

Thats it these two simple procedures will help your belt last a lifetime. 

To recap, a little leather conditioner every 2 years (or more) and roll your belt to store it. 

Yours in Leather