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About Solid Leather Artist

Handcrafted Leather Belts

First there’s the craft of leather belt making. It demands a discipline and style and determination to do things in my own individual way. Then there’s the client connection of bespoke fashion – each one is a unique relationship unto itself. Independently, both elements drive me. Combined, they are my sweet spot. That opportunity to work with people one-to-one and provide a perfect look and fit fuels me every day.

Call it a business if you like, but Solid Leather is nothing less than a lifelong passion.
With Solid Leather I’m not just building a business around belt making. This is about pursuing that passion and developing my craft. And that demands I forge my own path. I believe a belt is the most practical and essential piece of fashion in a wardrobe. For me it’s something that perfectly represents the principles that drive me:

Endurance, integrity, effortless style and craftsmanship. I take those ideas seriously.

To guarantee my belts for life, I have to.