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Solid Leather belts are here to solve one of the world’s great challenges:

What to get a man who thinks he has everything?

Custom sized, timelessly stylish and guaranteed for life, a Solid Leather belt is the perfect choice for gifting all year round. Choose from our Casual or Formal collections, select a style and then congratulate yourself on cracking the code of gift giving brilliance.
Size Chart

Please Use Pant Size For Your New Solid Leather Belt

Determine proper pant size by using a pair of pants that fit well and could stay up without a belt. If unsure always, go with the bigger size. Like tailors, we can always remove material but can never add more. 

Be as specific as you can. Pant size 32 yet a 31 would fit a bit better. Put that.

Between two sizes? ex: Some pants are 36 some are 34?A 35 would be best here. 

Most Importantly 


We use pant size to create a perfect fit. If you use the size from another belt our belt will be too big.

If you are still unsure or have any questions please reach out