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Premium Leather Conditioner | 2oz Bottle

By all means wear the hell out of your Solid Leather belt, but a little loving treatment on occasion will keep it in the best condition possible. We recommend using Leather Care Liniment No. 1, an all-natural, water-based leather milk that will soften your belt and give it a remarkably supple texture. Apply this creamy leather milk and its essential oils and nutrients will help to strengthen the fibers of your leather, enrich the colour and add a welcome layer of protection. Given you’ll have your Solid Leather belt for life, then give it the best life possible.

How to Better Love Your Leather

Occasionally your Belt Appreciates a Massage.

Keep it Simple and Make it Supple with Leather Care Liniment #1

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Great belt

My order was easy and arrived in a few days. It came in a nice round container which I wrapped for a present. Thanks Jesse

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